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What is involved in getting my own mural or personalised canvas?

If you are keen to get a mural of your own and live in Alice Springs, the subsequent processes are as follows.

Initially, a FREE consultation between Kim and the client will take place to discuss all aspects of the proposed mural or canvas. During this time, client input is vital. Any ideas, photos, magazine clippings, or any other specific images the client wishes to incorporate into the mural/canvas will be most welcome. Also at this stage, the room(s) and surfaces in which the painting is to inhabit will be assessed. Photos may be taken of the room(s) to assist with more accurate sketches of the mural prior to its commencement. If the client insists on getting an estimated price for the mural, a rough quote may be given at this stage. However, should the client be happy to proceed, a more accurate quote will be given during a second consultation.

A second consultation involves viewing of sketches to assist the client in visualising the layout and theme of the intended mural.

This will also allow the client to fine tune the imagined mural and discuss any necessary changes. Up until this stage there will be no obligation or fees that apply, however, if more detailed additional sketches are requested, a cost may occur. During this stage a more accurate quote will also be given.

Once the client is happy with the proposed mural a commencement date will be organised and a 20% deposit is required prior to this date.  Final payment is due at completion of mural although for larger works instalments may be required. Overall though, the value of a hand painted, custom designed mural will depend on the complexity of the design, the size of the mural, as well as its location and the condition of the surfaces to be painted on. 

Kim's Endless Creations focuses on professionalism and will go to all extents to ensure the customer is happy with the overall services offered.  Kim only uses the highest quality paints and will work on your mural regularly to eliminate unnecessary delays. 

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