Kim’s Endless Creations


Kim's Endless Creations can come to your business for a one-of-a-kind corporate team building experience.

Kim launched paint parties earlier this year and is expanding to offer corporate team building and private paint parties now too.  This gives you the opportunity to create painting memories on canvas, walls or in any other frame of your choice whilst celebrating your special occasion or as a way of building your team’s connection.

Corporate paint parties will be designed for your group and can be set up like a regular paint party or discuss with Kim about your needs and she will design a workshop for your group.  This may be to paint a collaborative artwork that can be hung in your workspace on completion and/or a series or even fun interactive creative games with paint.

Corporate paint parties are very therapeutic and stress relieving from workplace stresses. These services in the form of organising and holding paint parties in the corporate world are offered by Kim to bring employee retention, positivity and team building and bonding into the work environment.

All you need to do is decide to give your team this experience and hand the reins to Kim’s imagination and artistic skills to bring your workshop to life.

Prior to the event, Kim will discuss your needs and organise everything for you.  Kim has all the equipment to set up at your workspace or can discuss venue options with you too.

On the event day, Kim will bring all painting supplies for the event and walk you through each step of your artwork whether that be a collaborative piece or individual, either way you will be encouraged to add your own flair to your canvas and focus on having a fun day while learning some new skills. You will indeed be able to take your own artwork home or put it up at the office at the conclusion of the session.

For more details on corporate or private paint parties, please contact Kim to discuss your needs and she will organise accordingly.

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